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Chemical: sustainability solutions

We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chemical products with outstanding sustainability value.

Our business strategies include an overarching commitment to sustainability, both in our operations and in the products we manufacture. Our focus is on providing sustainable solutions that make modern life possible today and in the future.

Our products reduce automotive weight, which improves fuel economy.

High-value agricultural solutions

New films using our metallocene-based polyethylene, when used in farming and greenhouses, have increased crop yields – up to 60 percent in some cases. These films improve moisture retention, control weeds, and manage temperatures to enable longer growing seasons and increase overall efficiency.

Chemical products greenhouse
Photo — Agricultural films

High-performance packaging solutions

We develop and manufacture high-performance products and provide technical expertise to customers to solve a variety of packaging challenges. Our newly introduced next-generation plastic, Exceed XP thermoplastic resin, together with Exceed and Enable metallocene-based polyethylene resins, deliver exceptional performance advantages to provide stronger, lighter, and lower-cost packaging solutions with reduced environmental impact.

Chemical products girl with groceries
Photo — Packaging

Fuel-efficient automotive solutions

Our products play an important role in reducing automotive weight. For example, our high-performance polypropylene is a key component of lighter-weight dashboards and bumpers. Our ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber is used for underhood hoses and window and door seals. Our halobutyl rubber also helps tires maintain proper air pressure, resulting in improved fuel economy.

Today’s plastics account for about 50 percent of the volume of a new car, but only 10 percent of the weight. This is important for sustainability, because every 10 percent reduction in weight improves fuel economy by nearly 7 percent.

As plastics continue to become more critical in the design and manufacturing of mileage-efficient, hybrid and electric vehicles, we expect significant demand growth for the innovative products we provide that support efficiency and sustainability.

Chemical products automotive mechanic
Photo — Automotive applications

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