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Developing leadership capabilities

We identify and develop leadership from within the organization to excel in a variety of international and cultural environments.

Develop from within 

We develop future leaders from within the company worldwide, drawing upon our diverse employee population. Employees from all over the world are developed for operational and leadership roles, both in their home countries and globally.

  • Sara Ortwein
    Sara N. Ortwein
    XTO Energy, Inc.

    Sara started her career with ExxonMobil as a Drilling Engineer. In her current role as President of XTO Energy, Inc., she is responsible for the exploration and production of unconventional oil & gas in North America and Argentina. “Over my career, I have been fortunate to hold many varied assignments, providing the opportunity to grow and develop my skills and capabilities,” Sara shares. “As a leader, the key is to provide an environment where everyone can develop to their potential, applying their unique capabilities to further the business.”

Leadership framework

Our business activities require leaders who can effectively collaborate and work in a complex global environment. A deliberate and focused effort across our company ensures that our future leaders are identified early, tested in challenging work assignments with increasing levels of responsibilities, and educated through a comprehensive and effective leadership development program.

The ExxonMobil Leadership Framework is embedded within our business practices and our employee development process. It includes three major components: 

  • Fundamental business principles
  • Essential personal qualities of leaders
  • Leadership behaviors to achieve premier business results

  • Elijah White
    Elijah White
    Vice President (Geoscience)
    ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

    Elijah started as a summer intern for Exxon in 1980. Today he is a Vice President in ExxonMobil’s Upstream Research Company. Elijah defines leadership as, “the ability to motivate and influence employees and to expand and strengthen their individual capabilities for organizational success.” Elijah shares that, “It is about people management and the ability to motivate an extremely talented and diverse workforce to achieve things above their individual capabilities.”

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