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Public information and policy research

ExxonMobil provides support to organizations that promote international relationships and understanding, institutions with strong research capabilities that contribute to informed policy decision-making, and organizations that assess public policy alternatives on issues of direct importance to the petroleum and petrochemical industries.

In 2016, worldwide contributions for Public Information and Policy Research totaled almost $6.5 million, of which $6.2 million was within the United States. In light of the importance of sound public policies, ExxonMobil will continue to engage actively with stakeholders who have an interest in key issues that affect the company and industry.

As a global company that understands the importance of productive global relations, we support organizations that foster international understanding and engagement, including the Council on Foreign Relations and the World Affairs Council. Our involvement with the Business Council for International Understanding, Corporate Council on Africa, Eisenhower Exchange Fellowships and similar organizations facilitates cross-cultural understanding. Many of these organizations also support the construction of economic and cultural linkages across nations and cultures.