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Pre-college education

Improving educational programs worldwide to enhance math and science skills is a focus area in ExxonMobil’s community investment strategy. In 2017, worldwide contributions in support of pre-college education totaled more than $15.3 million, with $9.1 million benefiting education in the United States.

Education is a fundamental building block for individual opportunity and economic growth. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills, in particular, are critical to ensuring today’s students are prepared for the jobs of the 21st century. Our education initiative is focused on four key areas: contributing to the international efforts to reduce the out of school population; increasing the number of teachers who are equipped to teach math and science; graduating more students from high school ready for success in college and careers; and advocating for higher standards and rigorous assessments. In 2017, we invested $8 million in STEM-related programs in the United States.

Photo — Participants at the ExxonMobil Introduce a Girl to Engineering Program.

Outside the United States, we establish local partnerships with organizations that have close ties with a country’s educational system. For example, through our work with the Qatar-based Educate A Child initiative, we are working to help enroll some of the 61 million primary school-aged children who are currently not in school and help achieve universal primary education. We currently support this program in Nigeria and Angola.