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Workforce engagement


We retain and develop our diverse workforce by providing an environment where personal and professional growth is encouraged and career objectives are developed and achieved. 

Our approach

We communicate openly with our employees through frequent one-on-one and team discussions as well as larger organizational meetings. All employees undergo an annual performance assessment and development process, during which they have the opportunity to engage in a structured, documented discussion with their supervisors about work accomplishments, learning objectives, development opportunities and career interests. This process, coupled with company training, mentorship programs and networking opportunities, provide the basis for ongoing employee growth and continual performance improvement.

ExxonMobil also offers a variety of workplace flexibility programs to maintain engagement and maximize productivity by addressing individual employee needs. These workplace flexibility programs differ based on the legal requirements, infrastructure and culture of locations where we do business. Examples of workplace flexibility programs include adaptable workplace arrangements, modified workweek, part-time regular employment and adjustable work hours.

Our benefits programs are an integral part of a total remuneration package designed to support our long-term business objectives, as well as attract, retain and reward the most qualified employees. Our goal is to be responsive to the needs of employees throughout their careers and into retirement. 

Ensuring access to affordable health care helps employees effectively manage health care issues and reduces related financial concerns. Defined benefit pension obligations are fully supported by the financial strength of ExxonMobil or the respective sponsoring affiliate. Our funding levels of qualified pension plans comply with applicable laws and regulations. The company provides retirement benefits that support our long-term career orientation and business models.

Performance and initiatives 

ExxonMobil offers robust corporate and technical training programs designed to engage employees in professional development. Our major business units spent $108 million on training employees during 2016. Of that, we directed 76 percent toward professional and technical training. 

In 2016, more than 4,600 employees at various levels of the company participated in ExxonMobil’s leadership development training programs, of which 32 percent were women and 58 percent were employees from outside the United States. Learn more about training expenditures and the number of employees trained.