Downstream operations: Asia Pacific

Approximately 20 percent of ExxonMobil’s global refining capacity is located in Asia Pacific, with facilities in Singapore, Thailand, Australia, and China.

Report Apr. 3, 2018


Downstream operations: Asia Pacific


Optimization across the fuels, lubricants, and chemical businesses illustrates the value of our Singapore manufacturing complex. The refinery is among the largest lube basestock producers in the region, with a co-located lubricant blend plant for production of Mobil 1 synthetic lubricant. A large, multibillion dollar project is in development to upgrade low-value fuel oil into premium products using proprietary technology. This will improve the site’s refining profitability and strengthen chemical integration.


The Fujian refining and petrochemical complex is a 268,000-barrel-per-day joint venture. This facility, which also has energy cogeneration capacity, is part of the downstream and chemical value chains operating in China to supply local customers.

Singapore cogeneration eliminates more than 250,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.


In addition to our manufacturing complexes in Singapore and China, we have refining assets in Thailand and Australia. Like many of our other facilities around the globe, these sites benefit from integration with chemical manufacturing. Both facilities help provide clean fuels for their local markets and support our growth in Indonesia. The Sriracha refinery in Thailand also has energy cogeneration capacity.

Technology: Upgrading products in Singapore

The low-value, heavier portions of crude oil are often described as “bottom of the barrel.” Today, these materials are predominantly used for asphalt, fuel oil, and high-sulfur marine fuels. With international marine regulations further restricting sulfur levels, we are developing and deploying proprietary technologies at our Singapore integrated complex that not only help us meet the new regulations, but provide us with a competitive advantage. We are converting these lower-value streams into higher-value products, such as high-quality lube basestocks and clean fuels. These proprietary technologies are underpinned by our extensive knowledge and expertise in integrated catalyst design and reactor engineering across both our Downstream and Chemical organizations.

Highlight: Global lube basestocks and finished lubricants

ExxonMobil workers at the Singapore refinery

As the world’s largest producer of lube basestocks, the major component of lubricating oils, we have six refineries and four chemical facilities that produce basestocks. With the 2018 start-up of the Rotterdam hydrocracker project, we will become the first large-scale producer of Group II lube basestocks in Europe.

Our refineries and chemical plants are an important source of supply for our world-scale finished lubricant plants, which are strategically located around the globe. We have recently completed an expansion at our lubricants plant in Singapore, which is the only plant producing Mobil 1 synthetic lubricant in Asia.

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Digital Annual Report Report Apr. 3, 2018

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As the world’s largest publicly held international oil and gas company, ExxonMobil has a diverse portfolio of high-quality projects and opportunities across our Upstream, Downstream, and Chemical businesses.

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