Thunder Horse

Article Nov. 26, 2018

Thunder Horse

Production and handling

The Thunder Horse field is located in Mississippi Canyon Blocks 776, 777 and 778, in the Boarshead Basin, 125 miles SE of New Orleans. Thunder Horse is one of the largest discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico and lies at a water depth of 6,000 feet. BP is the operator of the project with 75% equity interest and the remaining 25% is owned by ExxonMobil. Thunder Horse is designed to process up to about 250 kbd and 200M cfd of gas. 

Load Port Data

Thunder Horse is brought ashore on the Louisiana coast. Two segments of the Mardi Gras Transportation System transport Thunder Horse oil production to the market. Proteus Oil Pipeline extends 70 miles from the Thunder Horse platform to a booster station platform installed on South Pass Block 89. From there, Proteus connects to Endymion Oil Pipeline where it connects with the Louisiana Offshore Oil Port (LOOP) storage and offloading facilities. LOOP has dedicated storage to hold approximately 1.8 million barrels of Thunder Horse crude where it can be transported to the refineries in Louisiana , Texas , the midcontinent and the Midwest through connecting lines via the Locap, Equilon, Norco and CAM systems.


  • Gravity 31.7
  • Sulfur 1.13%
  • Load port N/A


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