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Production and handling

CLOV commenced production in June 2014 and is currently producing ~160 kBD. Sonangol is the Block 17 titleholder. Total is the operator. CLOV is marketed by the Co-Venturers (Total, ExxonMobil, BP, and Statoil), and Sonangol. 

Nominal parcel sizes are one million barrels. The FPSO is designed with a storage capacity of 1.75 million barrels. 

Load Port Data

CLOV FPSO is located approximately 130 nautical miles offshore and NW of Luanda, Angola or at approximate position L-07°27'44'' south G-11°34'05'' east. 

CLOV FPSO has two loading posts: 

The main offloading system includes a loading buoy, located approximately one Nautical Mile away from the bow of the FPSO. This system can accommodate tankers up to 400 KDWT. The nominal offloading rate is 6,400 m3/hr. Terminal can accommodate VLCC or Suezmax first or second port under this configuration. 

The tandem offloading is designed to accommodate tankers up to 250 KDWT at a nominal offloading rate of 6,400 m3/hr. Vessels using the tandem offloading operation are generally restricted to first port only. 

Approaches to the FPSO can only be made during the hours of daylight; however, export tankers may unmoor from the terminal at any time.


  • Gravity 32.7
  • Sulfur 0.26%
  • Loading Port CLOV FPSO



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