Spotlight: Working toward continuous improvement of process safety

ExxonMobil recently launched a comprehensive review of process safety practices used across the company to identify opportunities for improvement.

Report Oct. 24, 2018

Spotlight: Working toward continuous improvement of process safety

The team interviewed renowned process safety experts in industry, government and academia to understand best practices. Through this thorough evaluation, we uncovered things that we do well and areas where we can improve, including the following opportunities: 

  • Sharpening our focus on process safety systems within our Operational Integrity Management System 
  • Increasing our focus on higher-potential consequence scenarios and critical safeguards 
  • Equipping our people to precisely execute critical safety activities
  • Testing the effectiveness of our process safety practices and increasing learning across the corporation

We are working to incorporate these findings into our operations to further enhance our approach to managing process safety.

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We build our culture of safety and health by attracting, developing and retaining individuals who share our commitment to operational excellence. Our global health and safety goal is zero injuries and illnesses.

Sustainability Report Oct. 24, 2018

Spotlight: Drones enhance safety inspections across the company

ExxonMobil frequently tests new technologies that have the potential to enhance safety performance while maintaining operational efficiency.

Sustainability Report Oct. 24, 2018

Workplace security

ExxonMobil has robust security measures in place to protect our personnel, facilities and operations around the world. We continue to integrate security expectations into our Operations Integrity Management System, which systematically embeds security into our daily operations.

Sustainability Report Oct. 24, 2018