Regulation and reporting

Supporting methane regulations and industry initiatives to accelerate reductions

We believe federal regulations are the most effective way to reduce methane emissions at scale, and that sound energy policies can accelerate efforts to achieve societal net-zero emissions. We’ve consistently advocated for federal methane regulations and developed a model framework to promote industry-wide adoption of best practices. Our greenhouse gas emission-reduction plans through 2030 are consistent with Paris-aligned pathways, the U.S. and European Union’s Global Methane Pledge and the U.S. Methane Emissions Reduction Action Plan announced in November 2021. Our February 2023 letter supporting EPA regulations can be found here


Our focus is on emissions mitigation and the transition to observation-based emission quantification of potential non-routine sources. This is why we continue to develop and deploy enhanced technologies to ensure rapid detection, mitigation, and quantification of these non-routine sources at our operated assets.

We are participating in industry and academic consortiums to advance the scientific understanding of methane emission calculations and models. We joined the Gas Technology Institute-led Project Veritas to develop and implement a methane emissions reporting approach that is standardized, science-based, technology-neutral, and measurement-informed.

Our annual reporting of methane emissions can be found in our Advancing Climate Solutions Progress Report.  

Around the globe

We also participated in the development of the EU's methane policy to support legislation that achieves methane emission reductions, including submitting recommendations on monitoring, reporting and verifying oil and gas methane emissions, leak detection and repair, upstream venting and flaring.

We were a founding member of the Methane Guiding Principles (MPG) in 2017 and has been a member of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) since 2018. Our annual MPG Signatory Report outlines the progress we have made and future plans under each of the five MPG guiding principles. As part of OGCI’s “Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions Initiative”, we strive to eliminate methane emissions from our oil and gas operations by 2030 using an all-in approach. We also support the Global Methane Pledge announced at COP26 that seeks to reduce emissions from all emitting sectors, such as agriculture and waste.

From support for sound policy and regulations in the United States and the European Union, to helping to achieve the Global Methane Pledge, to participation in global industry and multi-stakeholder initiatives, we are working through various avenues to contribute to society’s efforts in tackling methane emissions.

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All in on industry initiative aiming for zero methane emissions Reducing methane emissions is a cornerstone of ExxonMobil’s net-zero by 2050 (Scope 1 & 2) ambition. That’s why we support the Aiming for Zero Methane Emissions Initiative announced last week by the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI).

Methane Energy Factor March 14, 2022

The Global Methane Pledge In September, the U.S. and European Union announced a Global Methane Pledge to reduce methane emissions by 30% below 2020 levels by 2030. More than 30 nations have now joined the Pledge, and more could be announced at the upcoming COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

Methane reduction Blog Oct. 26, 2021

Tracking methane from above ExxonMobil is setting out to change how the industry tracks, and fixes, methane leaks. Earlier this year, ExxonMobil submitted its application to the Environmental Protection Agency to use aerial technology as a new model regulatory framework for detecting methane.

Emissions and climate Energy Factor July 29, 2021

The innovators who are reducing methane emissions As part of helping to address society’s dual challenge, ExxonMobil has undertaken an unprecedented industry-leading effort to reduce methane emissions from its upstream operations.

Methane reduction Energy Factor March 30, 2021

A framework for regulatory progress on methane reductions Leading ExxonMobil’s unconventional resource development business has provided the opportunity to see how our employees reacted when they received a signal that reducing methane emissions is important. Our performance has exceeded all expectations, and we are confident similar results can be achieved across our industry.

Methane reduction Blog March 3, 2020

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