Saudi workforce development

Article July 28, 2017

Saudi workforce development

ExxonMobil views the education and development of Saudis as integral to our joint venture activities in the Kingdom. Those operations employ more than 3,000 Saudis, constituting around 90 percent of the workforces. We strive to have a lasting, positive effect on local communities by providing direct and indirect economic benefits through the creation of jobs and development of a technically skilled workforce. Thus, ExxonMobil has invested heavily in vocational training institutes, to ensure a steady flow of talent into the growing petrochemical sector in Saudi Arabia.

High Institute for Elastomer Industries 

Established in Yanbu, under the supervision of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, the institute employs innovative polymer science education programs developed at the University of Akron Research Foundation. The HIEI's Saudi instructors successfully completed a two-year program at the University of Akron, one of the world's leading resources for polymer science research. The instructors now train Saudis for the Kingdom’s developing elastomers conversion industry in a unique two-and-a-half year program that mixes theoretical and hands-on work. The institute aims to train and equip Saudi technicians with the knowledge and tools necessary to qualify them for careers in the Kingdom's developing elastomers conversion industry.

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Support from SABIC and ExxonMobil in the formation of HIEI reflects commitment to promote growth, innovation and jobs in Saudi Arabia's downstream industries. Development of the rubber industry is expected to provide new opportunities in the automotive and construction sectors and related workforce development.

Associated with the new Kemya elastomers facility is the establishment of a Product Application Center in Riyadh. These facilities are aligned with the Kingdom’s National Industrial Clusters Development Program to expand and diversify the manufacturing sector.

The National Industrial Training Institute

Located in Al Ahsa, the institute is a non-profit entity formed by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation specializing in development and training of Saudis. The institute seeks to enhance the potential of high school graduates through training to qualify them for jobs in the hydrocarbon related industries. ExxonMobil Saudi Arabia supports this important initiative, which actively contributes to the creation of a qualified Saudi labor force. 

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