Community initiatives in Romania

At ExxonMobil we seek to contribute to the social and economic progress of the country and local communities where we operate. To this end, we have focused on promoting programs and projects that support safety and security; education; women empowerment; access to medical care without discrimination and cultural values.

Article Jan. 30, 2019

Community initiatives in Romania

SMURD Aeromedical Base in Constanta ensure successful operation of SMURD Constanta helicopter rescue activities.

Over 640,000 inhabitants benefit from the emergency medical services.

Project co-sponsored by ExxonMobil


Over 80 Romanian students in geoscience and professors from the faculty of geology and geophysics attended field safety training sessions conducted by safety experts.

Project sponsored by ExxonMobil

Field Safety Trip

The European Sci-Tech Challenge is an annual program run in partnership with Junior Achievement Europe. This innovative program encourages 15- to 18- year-old students to develop practical thinking skills concerning the energy issues they may face in the future.

Since 2012, Junior Achievement Romania has implemented the Sci-Tech Challenge in Constanta, with around 500 students attending every year.

Project sponsored by ExxonMobil and administrated by Junior Achievement Europe

European Sci Tech Challenge Brussels

Project Ruth, through Providenta Foundation, consists of an accredited private school intended for children from impoverished families. More than 200 students in grades zero to eight are now able to receive an education that may otherwise not be possible. The students rely on the services provided by Ruth School: education, a daily hot meal, clothing, school supplies, books and basic medical care.

Project co-sponsored by ExxonMobil and administrated by Children’s Emergency Relief International (CERI)

Ruth School

Since 2013, Providenta sewing center has started producing holiday gifts in an effort to encourage job creation and offer women in vulnerable families a chance for professional development.

Project co-sponsored by ExxonMobil and administrated by Children’s Emergency Relief International (CERI)

Naomi Sewing Center

The Inocenti Foundation’s mission is to bring the children from families in difficulty, with risk of social exclusion, to school and make them understand the importance of learning.

Project co-sponsored by ExxonMobil

Inocenti Foundation

EMEPRL supports a Romanian candidate for the GWIM (Global Women in Management) four-week workshop in Washington.

The workshop brings together women from different cultures and countries to share, examine and adapt best practices worldwide to expand women’s economic opportunities and meet the needs of their communities and countries.

Project funded by ExxonMobil and administrated by Plan International USA


Since 2015, EMEPRL has supported the Baylor Black Sea Foundation efforts to fight against discrimination in getting medical services for HIV-positive individuals.

Project co-sponsored by ExxonMobil 

Baylor Black Sea Foundation Dental Care Project

Charitable Sf. Dimitrie Foundation organizes creativity workshops for teenagers and people with disabilities to design and produce decorative art objects and souvenirs for selling.

Project co-sponsored by ExxonMobil

Dimitrie Foundation

Since 2015, EMEPRL has supported the bi-annual George Enescu International Festival, held in honor of the celebrated Romanian composer. This is the largest classical music festival and classical international competition held in Romania and one of the largest in Eastern Europe, with about 2,500 foreign and 1,000 Romanian artists involved.

Project co-sponsored by ExxonMobil

George Enescu Festival

15 injured military following the UN mission in Afghanistan represented Romania in Toronto at the Paralympics for war veterans.

Romania won: Archery — gold at team competition and one silver medal at individual competition; Athletics — one bronze medal; Rowing — one bronze medal.

Project co-sponsored by ExxonMobil


Since 2013, EMEPRL has been collaborating with the Aspen Institute to support an annual leadership award for innovation and technology.

The prizes presented to those who have proven to have great leadership capacities in their respective fields are an encouragement and confirmation that what they have started creating is valuable to the whole community.

Project co-sponsored by ExxonMobil

ASPEN Technology Award Cosmin Negrescu