Vendor and supplier relations in Nigeria

Our activities in Nigeria are supported significantly by third party service providers. Here, you can find information on our company's processes relating to current and potential vendors, suppliers or contractors.


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Vendor and supplier relations in Nigeria

Vendor registration

Businesses that wish to conduct business with ExxonMobil affiliates in Nigeria need to be registered with the company. Access the links below to find out what a company requires to register with us.

Vendor payments

If you are a registered vendor with ExxonMobil affiliates in Nigeria, you can obtain information on the status of your expected payments through our vendor payment-advice website. Supplemental information can be found within our vendor payment Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

ExxonMobil Nigeria Contractor Finance Scheme

ExxonMobil Nigeria affiliates have entered into an agreement with 12 Nigerian banks to offer exclusive financing options to our business partners, under the ExxonMobil Nigeria Contractor Finance Scheme (EMNCFS). The EMNCFS is targeted at Nigerian vendors seeking access to better funding options to fulfill ExxonMobil awarded contracts/orders.

Contractors participating in the scheme will have access to competitive loan rates from participating banks. Loan processing time will also be significantly reduced due to upfront definition of eligibility criteria by the banks.

Contractors seeking to join the scheme should complete the EMNCFS enrollment form (below) and return them to Following notification of successful enrollment in the scheme, the contractor may approach their bank (on which platform they have joined the scheme) to secure loans at agreed rates to execute their valid ExxonMobil contracts or orders, subject to the specific bank’s credit evaluation process.

ExxonMobil Nigeria Supplier Prequalification and Categorization

ExxonMobil Nigeria introduces the ExxonMobil Nigeria Supplier Prequalification and Categorization Exercise.

The aim of this exercise is to prequalify our registered suppliers and contractors in accordance with their areas of expertise across various material and service categories.

With prequalification, suppliers and contractors are assured of increased visibility to user departments and to procurement professionals, leading to greater chance of inclusion in open tenders.

All registered suppliers are required to complete and submit this questionnaire. Please note that proof of registration as a supplier with ExxonMobil Nigeria is a prerequisite for prequalification.

Also, site visits will be conducted to audit any information provided. The audit result will determine prequalification status for each supplier/contractor.

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