Paul Arinze speaks at Rotary Club of VGC

Paul Arinze, General Manager Public & Government Affairs, MPN, recently addressed members of the Rotary Club of VGC, at the installation ceremony of the organization's 21st President, Steve Asuquo. In his address, Paul spoke on the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigeria, and the pivotal role that organizations such as the Rotary Club played in the successful implementation of CSR projects in the country.

Oct. 9, 2018

Paul Arinze speaks at Rotary Club of VGC

Paul began by clarifying the misconception that CSR was the sole responsibility of large companies, advising organizations to approach CSR as a business imperative of similar importance as tax, insurance and profit – an approach taken by companies like ExxonMobil. He further explained that at ExxonMobil, a commitment to doing good in communities is what inspires and guides the company's CSR initiatives. The initiatives championed by ExxonMobil — including investing in women empowerment programs, scholarships and health initiatives — were not undertaken just to be applauded, but to genuinely contribute to developing communities.

Paul Arinze speaking at Rotary Club of VGC event.
Photo — Paul Arinze, General Manager, P&GA, MPN, during his address.

Paul further stated that the decision to carry out CSR projects should not only be taken based on legislative backing; every socially responsible company — big or small — should thrive to make an impact independently. He also mentioned that better leadership/governance, coupled with support from private companies across Nigeria would eventually lead to a greater adoption of CSR as the norm, which contributes to the development of the nation as a whole.

Steve Asuquo welcoming Udom Inoyo to the club’s installation ceremony.
Photo — Rotarian Steve Asuquo, newly installed 21st president of Rotary Club of VGC (middle), welcoming Udom Inoyo to the club’s installation ceremony.