Employee Town Hall Meeting

Paul McGrath, Lead Country Manager, Upstream Nigeria recently held an interactive forum with the employee workforce at the Oriental hotel, Lagos on December 6, 2017. The focus of the forum was to discuss the state of ExxonMobil's business and update on other matters.

Dec. 7, 2017

Employee Town Hall Meeting

McGrath explained that the forum was organized as part of a broader discussion on the company's business beyond Nigeria, as well as to discuss ExxonMobil's current business portfolios and mid- to long-term investments.

During the forum the LCM emphasized the company's commitment to the safety and security of its personnel, as well as its plans to improve upstream profitability by leveraging on its global operations. The forum also included a Q&A session led by the MPN PENGASAN Lagos Chapter, Chairman, Kenneth Okoro of OTSS. The questions bordered primarily on company union dynamics, employment opportunities and staffing policies.

Responding to the questions, the LCM cited the importance of a strong workforce, emphasizing that people are the bedrock of every business.

The LCM further stated that the Human Resources department was in the process of optimizing the company's workforce, ahead of renewed drilling operations in the near future.