Our operations in Brazil

At present, the company has a presence in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Paulínia and Curitiba.

Article April 22, 2020

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Our operations in Brazil


 ExxonMobil takes part in the public bidding processes conducted by the National Agency of Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels (ANP).

The company is one of the largest companies among International Oil Companies in Brazil, with more than 10,000 square meters and has participation in 28 blocks in the Campos, Santos and Sergipe-Alagoas basins with partners Petrobras, Equinor, Petrogal Brazil, Qatar Petroleum, Enauta and Murphy.

ExxonMobil is also partner of the discovered Carcará play that contains an estimated 2 billion barrels of high quality oil.

At present, the company is on exploratory phase, having acquired 3D seismic survey on deep waters north of the Campos block. Of the 28 blocks, ExxonMobil operates 17 of them. 

ExxonMobil is operator of the following Exploration blocks:

Santos Basin

  • S-M-536, 64% ExxonMobil and 36% Qatar Petroleum
  • S-M-647, 64% ExxonMobil and 36% Qatar Petroleum
  • Titã, 64% ExxonMobil and 36% Qatar Petroleum

Campos Basin

  • C-M-37, 100% ExxonMobil
  • C-M-67, 100% ExxonMobil
  • C-M-479, 100% ExxonMobil
  • C-M-753, 40% ExxonMobil, 30% Petrobras and 30% Qatar Petroleum
  • C-M-789, 40% ExxonMobil, 30% Petrobras and 30% Qatar Petroleum

Sergipe-Alagoas Basin

  • SEAL-M-501, 50% ExxonMobil, 30% Enauta and 20% Murphy
  • SEAL-M-503, 50% ExxonMobil, 30% Enauta and 20% Murphy
  • SEAL-M-351, 50% ExxonMobil, 30% Enauta and 20% Murphy
  • SEAL-M-428, 50% ExxonMobil, 30% Enauta and 20% Murphy
  • SEAL-M-430, 50% ExxonMobil, 30% Enauta and 20% Murphy
  • SEAL-M-505, 50% ExxonMobil, 30% Enauta and 20% Murphy
  • SEAL-M-573, 50% ExxonMobil, 30% Enauta and 20% Murphy
  • SEAL-M-575, 50% ExxonMobil, 30% Enauta and 20% Murphy
  • SEAL-M-637, 50% ExxonMobil, 30% Enauta and 20% Murphy

ExxonMobil is also partner of the discovered Carcará play, as follows:

Santos Basin

  • North Carcará, 40% ExxonMobil, 40% Equinor and 20% Petrogal Brasil – operated by Equinor
  • BM-S-8, 36.5% ExxonMobil, 36.5% Equinor, 17% Petrogal Brasil, 10% Barra Energia – operated by Equinor

ExxonMobil Chemical

The marketing of chemical products by ExxonMobil Chemical in Brazil started at the end of the 1950s. In the early years, sales were made by Esso Brasileira's Chemical Products Department. In 1963, with the expansion of the business, an organization dedicated exclusively to the sale of chemical products, Comércio e Indústria Iretama S.A., was created. In 1981, the company name was changed to Exxon Química.

ExxonMobil's Paulinia facility in Brazil

At the beginning of its activities, Exxon Química's business was limited to the resale of locally manufactured aliphatic solvents and imported chemical products, such as aromatic and oxygenated solvents, synthetic rubber, agricultural products and additives for lubricants.

Accompanying the growth of the Industrial Park in Brazil, the Organization's business expanded and new products were added to its product line: plastics, resins, plasticizers, adhesives, etc.

ExxonMobil has a Liquids Factory in Paulínia and points of sale in strategic locations around the country for the manufacture, distribution and sale of its products.


Among the business units of ExxonMobil Chemical, Intermediates is responsible for the marketing and production of chemical intermediates. ExxonMobil Chemical is a global leader in the production of oxygenated solvents and hydrocarbons, with applications in the paint, adhesives, pharmaceuticals and agricultural industries, among others. Plasticizers and vinyl intermediates are used in synthetic leather, flooring, electrical cables, wallpapers, etc.

A scientist pouring a chemical

The Intermediates division has a presence in more than 100 countries throughout the world, with production facilities in Asia, Europe, Oceania and the Americas. In Brazil, it has a special fluids plant and sales offices serving every region of the country. The Paulínia plant produces special hydrogenated fluids for applications that require high quality, low toxicity and minimal environmental impact. 

The Intermediates products are internationally recognized as the following global brands:

  • ACTREL - Specially designed fluids for industrial cleaning
  • DF 2000 - Cutting-edge solvents for dry cleaning
  • ESCAID - Special fluids for the mineral exploration industry
  • EXX-PRINT - High quality products for printing inks
  • EXXAL - Oxo-alcohols with C6 to C13 carbon chains
  • EXXSOL - Hydrogenated hydrocarbons with low aromatic content
  • ISOPAR - Isoparaffinic high purity hydrocarbons
  • JAYFLEX - Plasticizers for the PVC industry
  • NAPPAR - Cycloparaffinic hydrocarbons
  • SOLVESSO - Heavy aromatic solvents
  • VARSOL - Aliphatic hydrocarbons

In addition to these products, the Intermediates division also markets other chemical intermediates: aliphatic solvents, isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

For more information, please call 0800 727 3776 or email.



A tire diagram showing the different polymers inside

ExxonMobil has been at the forefront of technology and innovation in the rubber industry since the invention and patent of butyl rubber in 1937. With a presence in this market, ExxonMobil is a global leader in technology, offering high quality products and services.

Our state-of-the-art technology centers focus on technology and a commitment to the continuous improvement of our processes and products, have been contributing for our customers to increase their productivity and profitability.

Special Elastomers

ExxonMobil has one of the largest elastomer portfolios in the industry. We provide innovative EPDM rubber and thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV) solutions for our customers, combined with support in technology, design and global footprint.

ExxonMobil's business service center in Brazil


In operation since 2001, ExxonMobil's Global Business Center was established in the city of Curitiba on the basis of the availability of qualified, skilled, specialized and multilingual labor, as well as the high quality of the transportation and the telecommunications services.

The Global Business Center plays a crucial role in ExxonMobil's local and global business, providing Information Technology, Accounting, Finance and Customer and Support services for the various lines of business in several countries.

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Community and culture in Brazil

Sustainable economic growth, social development and environmental protection are fundamental values for ExxonMobil. We work so that the present and future generations have access to high quality, safe energy.

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ExxonMobil renews support to the golden lion tamarin’s conservation project

On August 2, International Golden Lion Tamarin Day, ExxonMobil reaffirms its commitment to the conservation of two Brazilian symbols that are threatened with extinction: the golden lion tamarin and the Atlantic Forest.

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ExxonMobil donates 10,000 food baskets to families in 52 Rio de Janeiro communities

ExxonMobil has signed a partnership with the non-governmental organization Viva Rio to distribute essential food baskets to support 52 communities in Rio de Janeiro. The company will donate US$100,000 that will benefit approximately 10,000 families.

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ExxonMobil to support conservation of endangered golden lion tamarin in Brazil

ExxonMobil announced today it is supporting the conservation of the endangered golden lion tamarin (Leontopithecus rosalia), an iconic species of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil.

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An ExxonMobil employee turning a gas valve

Safety and environment

In order to achieve Operational Excellency, ExxonMobil goes beyond the applicable environmental laws and regulations, and, thus, adopts high safety standards and state-of-the-art technology in its operations, always keeping the focus on people and on preserving the environment.

Brazil Article June 5, 2019

Historical photo of the Esso logo in Brazil.

Our history in Brazil

ExxonMobil Corporation, formed by the merging of Exxon and Mobil in 1999, established itself on Brasil in 1912, while still under the Standard Oil Company name. It was the first company of Oil & Gas to set up operations in Brazil. On its legacy, ExxonMobil has the Esso brand and the Tiger mascot in its gas stations, and many other stories.  Not to mention Repórter Esso, which was the origin of Prêmio Esso, considered to be one of the most dignified awards in the history of Brazilian journalism for six decades.

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