Contributing to community safety and security in Argentina

ExxonMobil is relentless in the pursuit of safety so that every employee and contractor comes home from work each day safe and healthy. This commitment also extends to members of the communities where we operate.

Article Sept. 11, 2017

Contributing to community safety and security in Argentina

ExxonMobil Exploration Argentina (EMEA) has worked hard to achieve this objective, partnering with local organizations and government agencies to deliver safety programs and equipment.

Working with the Municipality of Rincón de los Sauces’ Civil Defense department, a need was identified for communications equipment that could be used in the event of an emergency. The Civil Defence is responsible for coordinating emergency response of the police and fire departments and hospitals, responding to security issues, road accidents and preventing loss or damage due to climate hazards. With financial support of ExxonMobil, the Civil Defense department was able to procure satellite radios, long-reach walkie talkies, batteries and generators, among other items for use in responding to incidents in the town and its surrounding areas.

This builds on safety equipment donated to the Fire Department of Rincon de los Sauces in 2014, including gloves, boots, helmets and fire extinguishers. Additionally, fire extinguishers and emergency lights were donated to the Rincón de los Sauces Hospital and Maternity Clinic where staff was trained in how to correctly use the equipment.