Progressing 13 key chemical projects

ExxonMobil is responding to chemical demand growth by playing a major role in the industry’s global expansion. Organized by global business units, we optimize the full value chain from development, production, and marketing, to distribution and sale, offering a broad range of polymers, chemicals, and fluids. Our polymers businesses include high-performance products such as polyethylene, polypropylene, butyl, and a variety of other specialties used in applications such as packaging, automotive, consumer goods, and construction. Our chemical and fluids offerings include synthetic basestocks, solvents, and aromatics, and are utilized in a variety of end-use applications. To expand sales of high-performance products, we are investing in 13 global projects, of which seven are now operational.

Report April 2, 2019

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Progressing 13 key chemical projects

U.S. derivative expansion

The Baytown integrated site is one of the largest and most technologically advanced refining and petrochemical complexes in the world. It is where ExxonMobil is building a new 400,000-tonnes-per-year capacity Vistamaxx performance polymer unit and a 350,000-tonnes-per-year linear alpha olefins unit. We also started detailed engineering work on a potential project in Baton Rouge to expand polypropylene manufacturing capacity by up to 450,000 tonnes per year to meet growing demand for high-performance, lightweight durable plastics. To meet growing demand for high-performance plastics, we are installing a new production unit at the Beaumont polyethylene plant.

Expansion of U.S. Gulf coast chemical facilities leverages advantaged feedstocks

Gulf Coast Growth Venture

ExxonMobil and SABIC created a joint venture to advance development of a jointly owned petrochemical facility near Corpus Christi in San Patricio County, Texas. The new facility is expected to start up in 2022 and will include an ethane cracker with a capacity of 1.8 million tonnes per year of ethylene, a monoethylene glycol unit, and two polyethylene units.


Baytown Chemical and Refining complex

A new 1.5-million-tonnes-per-year ethane cracker at the integrated Baytown chemical and refining complex started operations in 2018, providing ethylene feedstock to new performance polyethylene lines at the Mont Belvieu plastics plant and the Beaumont polyethylene plant, which is expected to start up in 2019.

The Mont Belvieu plant (shown) is one of the largest polyethylene plants in the world, with manufacturing capacity of approximately 2.3 million tonnes per year. Together, these represent our largest chemical investment in the United States to date, to help us meet growing global demand for high-performance plastic products.

Singapore aromatics plant, Banyan facility

We acquired one of the world’s largest aromatics facilities in 2017, located on Jurong Island in Singapore, which is adjacent to ExxonMobil’s largest integrated refining and petrochemical complex. Since completion of the acquisition, we significantly progressed the integration of the Banyan facility into the existing complex with the commissioning of pipelines to connect key product streams between the facilities. The integration of the facilities will help capture additional synergies, upgrade molecules, and expand logistics flexibility and capabilities.

Singapore butyl and adhesive resin plants

In late 2017, we started up the world’s largest hydrogenated hydrocarbon resin plant with a capacity of 90,000 tonnes per year. The plant will help meet long-term demand growth for hot-melt adhesives used in applications ranging from packaging to diapers. A world-scale 140,000-tonnes-per-year halobutyl plant started production of halobutyl rubber in 2018. This premium rubber is used by customers to make tires that better maintain inflation and improve fuel economy. These new plants enhanced the competitiveness and broadened the product sales slate from ExxonMobil’s integrated manufacturing facility in Singapore.


China Chemical complex

ExxonMobil signed a cooperation framework agreement with the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government to advance construction of a chemical complex in the Huizhou Dayawan Petrochemical Industrial Park.

The multibillion dollar project, which remains subject to a final investment decision, would include a 1.2-million-tonnes-per-year flexible feed steam cracker, two performance polyethylene lines, and two differentiated performance polypropylene lines, with a potential 1.2-million-tonnes-per-year start-up in 2023.

In addition, the agreement confirms Guangdong Province’s support in progressing the Huizhou LNG receiving terminal in which ExxonMobil intends to participate.

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