Key investments drive performance products growth

ExxonMobil has world-scale chemical manufacturing sites globally, supported by a highly skilled commercial and technical workforce in all major markets. This combination of assets and human capital provides a strong competitive position in the attractive and fast-growing chemicals market.

Report April 2, 2019

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Key investments drive performance products growth

Premium commercial supplier

We provide commercial customers with a broad experience, from initial engagement to technical application support. Our goal is to be integral to their growth, innovation, and success. We provide customers with an offering that enables us to anticipate and rapidly respond to customer needs. This ensures impactful information is readily available and supports the goal of achieving preferred supplier status.


Unmatched supply chain network

We operate a world-class supply chain network that delivers products to more than 5,800 customers in more than 130 countries around the world. Using industry-leading, state-of-the-art tools, we optimize the supply network for advantaged feed in one region while delivering products to growing markets in another region. The supply chain involves multiple modes of transportation to make more than 500,000 safe and reliable deliveries to customers each year, including serving approximately 200 different marine ports around the world.

We completed over 1,500 customer trials in 63 countries

Global market access

ExxonMobil has chemical sales offices in more than 30 locations around the world. A highly collaborative, market-facing team that includes sales, marketing, and technology experts with local experience, offers value-added solutions to customers. We expanded our sales office footprint in 2018 to Buenos Aires, Argentina; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Chengdu, China; and Kolkata, India, to capture additional demand in these rapidly growing markets.

Leveraging global talent

We leverage expertise from universities and other collaborative partnerships in 12 countries. The input we receive provides us with new insights, ideas, and platforms for innovation. Internal technology resources deployed around the world support manufacturing operations, research and development, and customer support. With four global technology centers located in Baytown, Texas; Machelen, Belgium; Shanghai, China; and Bangalore, India, ExxonMobil is well positioned to utilize technology to develop advanced solutions for customers.

Technology innovation

No. 1 producer: polyethylene, differentiated PE, adhesives, fluids / plasticizers, synthetics, butyl

No. 2 producer: lube and fuel additives, EPDM, aromatics

We are successfully operating the world’s only crudecracker in Singapore, which strengthens feedstock flexibility. This technology advantage allows processing of an unprecedented range of feedstocks, including Permian tight oil. Converting crude directly into chemicals provides a cost advantage over the industry-standard naphtha feedstock by eliminating the process steps required to produce naphtha, saving energy and lowering emissions. We are further enhancing our crude-cracking capability by jointly developing the Singapore residual upgrade project with our Downstream business, employing proprietary process technology to upgrade lower-value, steam-cracked resid into higher-value lubricants and fuels. This project will place our Singapore crude cracker among the lowest cost-of-supply Asia liquids crackers.

Along with new product development of Vistamaxx performance polymers, enhancements to the Vistamaxx process platform will reduce product volatiles by as much as five times, based on industry benchmarking and third-party testing, enabling our products to meet the latest food packaging standards.


Shanghai Technology Center expansion

ExxonMobil completed a multimillion-dollar expansion of the Shanghai Technology Center in 2018 to support closer customer collaboration. It comes at a time of robust chemical industry growth, underpinned by an expanding middle class in key growth markets, such as China. The Shanghai Technology Center provides an ideal environment for the development of innovative solutions for affordable and sustainable products. It strengthens our competitive position in the region, and represents an important step in ExxonMobil’s commitment to building a lasting foundation for growth through collaboration. The state-of-the-art research and development facility includes an auditorium, training rooms, and collaborative areas, and will provide opportunities for lasting and meaningful advances in technical innovation and sustainable solutions that enable modern living.

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Our portfolio of deepwater opportunities is key to long-term growth plans. An ongoing focus on exploration and acquisition of low-cost, high-return development opportunities enabled us to capture attractive deepwater positions around the globe.

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