Workplace security

Report Dec. 20, 2019

Workplace security


ExxonMobil’s robust security measures are designed to protect our personnel and facilities from operational threats and cybersecurity attacks. Our security programs are risk-based, flexible and responsive to the environments in which we operate.

Facilities undergo periodic security analyses to address potential threats. Each assessment considers geographic location, relationships with communities and applicable laws. In higher-risk locations, we monitor local conditions and maintain detailed security preparedness plans, such as evacuation and intruder response plans. We train employees who travel to and live in higher-risk countries on personal safety in challenging security environments. Our security personnel continuously improve our risk management methodologies, threat-assessment capabilities and technical security management processes through drills, training programs and industry forums. 

2018 performance and initiatives

Protecting our people and assets includes managing the risks posed by cyberattacks. As cybersecurity risks continue to evolve, we must protect our business against cyber-related business disruptions and threats that can potentially affect our data, facilities and operations. Awareness remains one of our best defenses, and cybersecurity education is a priority for our employees and business partners. In 2018, all of our employees and contractors completed web-based cybersecurity training to help them identify and respond to potential cybersecurity risks and to reinforce safe behaviors. 

Martin Lacasse, physicist for ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, at a high-performance computer data center in Clinton, New Jersey.

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Around the world, ExxonMobil aims to be a preferred business partner, neighbor, employer and supplier. ExxonMobil maintains a corporate-wide commitment to safeguarding the health and security of our employees and the public, responsibly managing our social impacts and upholding respect for human rights in our operations.

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