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Energy mix

Global energy supplies

Oil remains the top global energy source and the fuel of choice for transportation. Demand for oil is projected to rise by approximately 25 percent through 2040, led by increased commercial transportation activity.

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Natural gas

Natural gas will continue to play an increasingly important role in meeting global energy needs. Utilities, industries and other consumers are choosing this fuel because it is versatile, affordable and produces relatively low emissions.

Global liquids supply

Oil and other liquid supplies

Over the coming decades, energy sources will continue to evolve and diversify, driven by changes in technology, consumer needs, and public policies. But liquid supplies — primarily crude oil — are projected to remain the single biggest source of energy and vital to transportation.

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Energy supply

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High-impact drilling and completion technologies

Advances in technologies used for well drilling and completion have enabled the energy industry to reach new sources of oil and natural gas to meet rising demand around the world. New technologies have also helped reduce the environmental impact of energy production by allowing more oil and gas to be produced with fewer wells.