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Beaumont Area Complex

Today, ExxonMobil Beaumont employs approximately 2,000 people and more than 1,000 contractors.

About our facilities

The refinery, chemicals plant and lube plant are located on approximately 2,400 acres near downtown Beaumont. The polyethylene plant, established in 1977, occupies approximately 300 acres west of Beaumont.

Beaumont Refinery processes 365,000 barrels of crude oil per day and produces 2.8 billion gallons of gasoline annually.

Beaumont Chemical Plant produces building-block chemicals such as ethylene and propylene, synthetic fluids and lubricant basestocks, and more than 25 different types of zeolite catalyst.

Beaumont Polyethylene Plant produces granular and pelletized polyethylene, which is used in the manufacture of plastic products.

Beaumont Lube Plant manufactures greases, blends lubricants, and packages finished products. Mobil Grease 28 (used on NASA space shuttles) and Mobil 1 (the world’s leading synthetic motor oil) are both manufactured and packaged at Beaumont.

Integrated facilities within close proximity provide the Beaumont area complex the unique advantage of versatility in operations, output and capacity. Operational excellence, efficient energy utilization, and the commitment of a highly skilled and talented work force make Beaumont a world-class petrochemical complex.

Our history

Since its beginnings during the excitement of the Spindletop oil boom, the history of ExxonMobil in Beaumont, Texas, has paralleled that of the region and the worldwide petroleum industry. The oil discovery at Spindletop in 1901 gave the world a vast new supply of petroleum. This single event prompted the area’s forward-thinking pioneers to create a manufacturing infrastructure that heralded in the age of liquid fuel.

Built along the banks of the Neches River in 1903, the original Beaumont refining facilities have grown into an integrated petrochemical complex that today supports the energy needs of our nation and the world.

Local economy

The petrochemical industry fuels the economy of Southeast Texas. Each year, ExxonMobil pays more than $50 million in local taxes, and is the largest contributor to educating Beaumont public school students.

ExxonMobil is an active partner in economic development with the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce, the Southeast Texas Workforce Development Board and the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission. Promoting growth, technical innovation and work force excellence is the key to keeping America’s energy pipeline flowing from Southeast Texas to all parts of our nation.

Safety and environment

The safety, health and security of employees, contractors and neighbors in the surrounding community are a priority for ExxonMobil Beaumont, where there is a goal when it comes to safety, “Nobody Gets Hurt.” ExxonMobil promotes an integrated approach to safety that combines the ongoing identification of safe work practices with emerging technology and employee-driven management programs.

ExxonMobil’s Beaumont facilities have been recognized with numerous performance awards, including the National Petrochemical and Refiners Association’s Gold Award and Award for Meritorious Safety Performance, the American Chemistry Council Energy Efficiency Award, and the National Safety Council Occupational Excellence Achievement Award.