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Baytown Hydrocracker

Emergency preparedness and response

Emergency preparedness and response is a priority for all who work within the ExxonMobil Baytown area.

Prepared with a plan

To ensure all efforts are thoroughly prepared and coordinated, we conduct routine tests of our emergency notification equipment, simulate emergency situations and rigorously train our emergency response team. We also work closely with the City of Baytown and the City of Mont Belvieu and coordinate with the local fire departments to ensure the safety of everyone on and off-site.

Emergency response team

Our emergency responders are comprised of 100 percent employee volunteers. Overall, the Baytown Refinery and Baytown Chemical Plant have 80 emergency response volunteers, while Mont Belvieu Plastics Plant has 36 members and the Baytown Olefins Plant and Baytown Technology & Engineering Complex each have 24. Volunteers serve on one of four emergency response groups, including fire, rescue, medical and hazmat and are required to complete a minimum of 80 hours of training per year. Responders from all sites within the ExxonMobil Baytown Area work together to integrate their response efforts and work as a unified team in times of natural disaster or plant emergency.

Shelter in place
During a chemical release, emergency management officials or other authorities may recommend “shelter in place.” It means that residents should stay inside their homes or other safe structures and secure the building until notified that the situation is safe.

If at home:

  • Tightly close all doors and windows; turn off air conditioners, heaters and fans.
  • Students shelter in place in schools. Parents should avoid going to pick up children unless school officials direct you to do so.

If at work:

  • It may be determined that the safest course of action is to stay inside the building.
  • While some employees may make a personal decision to leave, this decision should be made with the best available information.

Baytown Area “shelter in place” video

Hurricane preparedness
ExxonMobil Baytown Area is constantly monitoring storms, preparing our infrastructure and people for the possibility of high winds and storm surge. We have a comprehensive plan, and we stick to that plan during emergencies. To prepare you and your family, we encourage you to sign-up with the City of Baytown’s Connect-CTY service to stay informed and ready to implement your plan.