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ExxonMobil Speakers Coalition

The ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Speakers Coalition is available to provide information to area groups about topics ranging from local operations, community outreach and economic impact to how the company is working globally.

These presentations can be tailored to fit your community or state organization, college or university, retiree group, church group, business or professional organization, or other groups.

Possible speaker topics include:

  • This is ExxonMobil Baton Rouge
  • Local and Global Corporate Citizenship
  • Global Outlook for Energy (through 2040)
  • ExxonMobil and the Energy Industry (for middle school students)
  • Fuels and Gasoline/Pricing and Supply
  • Innovative Technologies — Hydraulic Fracturing, Algae as Fuel, and Natural Gas

To request a speaker for your group or event, mail your request to:

ExxonMobil Speakers Coalition, Attn: Public Affairs, 4999 Scenic Hwy., Baton Rouge, LA  70805

Or call: (225) 977-8393

"Speakers Coalition Request" should be the subject of your message.  Please make your request at least four weeks prior to date of the event.

Information needed with your request:

  • Your name, address, telephone, fax and e-mail address
  • Name of your organization
  • Date, time and place of the meeting/event
  • Nature of the occasion and audience size
  • Amount of time for presentation
  • Topic and/or speaker desired
  • A/V available

Press Releases

Mar 28, 2014 
Update on current situation

All fuel products currently being made available by ExxonMobil in the area market meet Louisiana’s stringent regulatory requirements and are safe for use in vehicles.  We take this matter very seriously and we are working with our customers.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers and motorists.

We encourage motorists who have questions or concerns regarding fuel they may have purchased in the Baton Rouge area to contact ExxonMobil North America Customer Care at: 855-300-2659.

Only the gasoline racks remain shut down at the Baton Rouge Terminal.  Out of an abundance of caution, we are pumping out previous gasoline batches and replenishing the inventory with recent production. We are working to reopen the gasoline racks at the terminal as soon as possible.  We continue to ship product and are working with our customers and business partners to take steps to ensure that all products are safe for use in vehicles before it is released for delivery to retail locations or other channels for use by consumers.

Our employees have been working diligently to determine the root cause of this situation.  All of the impacted fuel met regulatory specifications.  At this time, we believe the issue is limited to two batches of fuel that were shipped from the Baton Rouge Terminal racks and were distributed in the Baton Rouge, La. area. The two affected batches ExxonMobil shipped totaled approximately 120 kb (5 million gallons) to the Baton Rouge area.  Since premium products were not impacted, we were able to use those as a benchmark to make adjustments to regular fuel grade. We have since made our internal specifications more stringent to ensure the quality of our ongoing production as we continue to investigate the root cause.

Learn more at This website was created to serve as a clearinghouse for fact-based research and information about issues relevant to fuels and chemical manufacturing in our state. On this site, you’ll find fact sheets, research, data, studies and testimonials that tell the real story about Louisiana’s downstream petroleum industry – and occasionally correct the record when things are said or written about the industry that don’t quite match up with the facts.

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