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A century of partnership with the Baton Rouge community

For more than a century, ExxonMobil and Baton Rouge have partnered in many civic and community endeavors.

In its first decade of operations, the Baton Rouge Refinery was a key supporter and founder of the city's first public park, Victory Park, and employees were avid Red Cross volunteers with the two major flood relief efforts and by serving at the local WWI canteen.

In the 1920s and 30s, the company provided the impetus for the growth of several North Baton Rouge neighborhoods and brought thriving businesses to the area. In 1924, the local company paved the path in healthcare by forming Louisiana's first HMO, the Stanocola Medical and Hospital Association.

Throughout the 1940s and 50s, the company led community giving through the United Givers campaign. During this same time, the Esso band participated in many city parades, and Esso baseball teams contributed significantly to the baseball2 heritage in Baton Rouge. These teams embodied community pride while boosting the city’s spirits during turbulent times. What’s more, M. J. Rathbone, a past manager of the Refinery, helped start the local chapter of Junior Achievement in 1956, a community partner today.

In the 1980s and 90s, employees forged two well-known volunteer efforts, the Ambassadors Committed to Education (ACE) group to increase students' interest in math and science, and ExC!TE, ExxonMobil Community Involvement Through Employees. Volunteer outreach grew with the company's expansions to the Scotlandville/Baker area with the creation of EMCOT, the ExxonMobil Community Outreach Team. Today, ExxonMobil employees contributed about 40,000 hours of volunteer service each year, and ExxonMobil is the largest local contributor to the Capital Area United Way Campaign.

Economic contributions

ExxonMobil Baton Rouge is committed to supporting the local economy. ExxonMobil provides quality jobs, a significant tax base, and products folks use every day.



ExxonMobil Baton Rouge is one of the largest and most versatile petrochemical hubs in the world, providing jobs for approximately 5,000 employees and contractors at eight facilities in the Baton Rouge area. As the largest private employer in East Baton Rouge Parish and the second largest manufacturing employer in the state, ExxonMobil provides jobs1 for about 3,000 employees. Each ExxonMobil job supports nearly seven additional jobs in the state – translating to more than 41,500 Louisianans and their families who are impacted by our business.

ExxonMobil hires almost all of operations staff locally. Because today's youth are the workforce for tomorrow, ExxonMobil invests in process technology career preparatory programs by partnering with the Baton Rouge Community College and other school system initiatives.

In addition to employees’ individual taxes, ExxonMobil paid more than $31 million or 8.5 percent of all property taxes paid in East Baton Rouge Parish in 2012, which makes the company the largest single taxpayer in the parish. ExxonMobil also paid $132 million in state taxes. Additionally, ExxonMobil's Baton Rouge facilities capital spending totaled more than $300 million in 2012.

Our community partnership

ExxonMobil Baton Rouge is proud of its many partnerships inextricably intertwining our company with the people of Baton Rouge and Louisiana for more than a century. Through our employee and retiree volunteers and the company's contributions and sponsorships, we are able to address many needs in the Greater Baton Rouge area. Furthermore, our employees have worked to ignite student interest in science, technology, engineering and math so we can ensure a talented, diverse workforce for tomorrow.

Contributions and donations
In 2012, contributions from ExxonMobil Baton Rouge and its employees and retirees totaled some $5 million In addition to this, we encourage and support our employees and retirees who chose to make their own contributions of time and money to community activities. ExxonMobil Corporation matches their personal donations through the following programs:

  • The Educational Matching Gift Program matches employees’ donations to Louisiana State University and Southern University. 
  • The Cultural Matching Gift Program benefits such organizations as Louisiana Art and Science Museum, WRKF Public Radio and Louisiana Public Broadcasting. 
  • The Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP) allows our employees, individually or on a team, to apply for $500 grants each year to benefit nonprofit organizations where they volunteer.

ExxonMobil CAN (Community Action Network)
Our employees spend about 40,000 hours each year helping nonprofit organizations and schools in the area through the following volunteer groups: ExxonMobil Community Involvement Through Employees (ExC!TE); ExxonMobil Community Outreach Team (EMCOT); and ExxonMobil Ambassadors Committed to Education (ACE).

ExxonMobil Community Involvement Through Employees (ExC!TE)
ExC!TE members are the ExxonMobil Baton Rouge area employees, retirees, their family members and friends who are committed to building relationships with the Baton Rouge community and enriching the quality of life through volunteering. Some of the many activities we participate in are as follows:


  • School Tools – We collect school supplies to help children in need in East and West Baton Rouge parishes. 
  • Health, civic and arts 
  • Race for a Cure – We help at the walk/run sponsored by the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation. 
  • Rebuilding Together: Baton Rouge – We participate in the restoration of homes for the elderly and disabled. 
  • Habitat for Humanity – We help build homes. 
  • Food Bank – We sort out donated canned foods. 
  • Recycling – We assist the Recycling Office of East Baton Rouge Parish and the Recycling Foundation with the drive-thru collection of items.
  • Baton Rouge Green – We plant trees in North Baton Rouge.

To volunteer as a Friend of ExC!TE or to see if your project qualifies for ExC!TE participation, contact us at

ExxonMobil Community Outreach Team (EMCOT)
EMCOT members are employees from ExxonMobil Baton Rouge northernmost plants in the Alsen, Baker and Scotlandville areas – Polyolefins Plant, Plastics Plant and Resin Finishing Plant. Our goal is to establish partnerships with the local communities in order to facilitate activities that will benefit the residents.

We favor the following projects

  • Focus on education, safety, health and environment 
  • Involve partnership between ExxonMobil and neighbors 
  • Build mutual respect between ExxonMobil and neighbors

EMCOT partnership schools

  • Baker Middle 
  • Crestworth Learning Academy 
  • Progress Elementary 
  • Progress Headstart 
  • Scotlandville Pre-Engineering 
  • White Hills Elementary

We join Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) in their effort to improve reading and math skills of elementary school students. Through the “EveryBody Reads” initiative, each employee is assigned one reading partner and commits to improving reading proficiency of this student by reading with him/her on a regular basis.

Through a new initiative, “EveryOne Counts,” volunteers will work individually with students who struggle with math. Similar to “EveryBody Reads,” the program will pair an adult with a student who is behind in his math skills. The basic concept of “EveryOne Counts” is to encourage comprehension of math procedures versus memorization, engaging students in the usefulness of math in their everyday lives.

Each year, students of our partnership schools, along with students from ACE partnership schools, attend the Louisiana Art and Science Museum (LASM) Science Days. At the event, students watch chemistry demonstrations, view a show in the planetarium, tour the museum and participate in hands-on activities.

ExxonMobil Ambassadors Committed to Education (ACE)
ACE members are employees of the ExxonMobil Baton Rouge Refinery and the Chemical Plant who are committed to increasing students' interest in math and science, and we do so through the following programs:

  • Ambassador Program – focuses on reaching 9 North Baton Rouge schools located near the Refinery and the Chemical Plant: Capitol Middle, Claiborne Elementary, Dalton Elementary, Howell Park Elementary, Istrouma High, McKinley Middle Magnet, Scotlandville Magnet High, Southern University Lab School and Winbourne Elementary.
    In the above schools, we participate in classroom demonstrations, tutoring and science fair preparation and judging. We also join Volunteers in Public Schools (VIPS) in the effort to improve reading skills of elementary school students. Through the “EveryBody Reads” initiative, each employee is assigned one reading partner and commits to reading with him/her at least two times a month. 
  • Speakers Bureau Program – focuses on sharing technical expertise with students from all Baton Rouge area schools. We have a variety of presentation materials available to use during classroom visits, job fairs or club meetings. We can also judge science fairs.
    If you want an ExxonMobil volunteer to come to your school to make a presentation and help with science fair judging or career day, contact us at 225-977-8393 and leave a detailed message. Science teachers can view our Classroom Tools for way to supplement classroom activities. 
  • ExxonMobil Science Days at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum (LASM) Program – each year, students of our 9 Ambassador Program schools listed above and three EMCOT partnership schools attend the LASM Science Days. They watch chemistry demonstrations, view a show in the planetarium and participate in hands-on activities.