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educational support in Papua New Guinea

Furthering education

Education is a fundamental building block for society, and improving the quality of and access to educational resources is a priority for the PNG LNG Project.

Through partnering with local government, non-governmental organizations, and community leaders, critical school resources have been advanced.

We have provided more than 1,500 locally made desks to 45 schools in the Hela, Southern Highlands and Central Provinces. We have also delivered more than 22,000 school packs, filled with basic supplies for students, to 139 schools across the Project area. We have refurbished classrooms, provided water tanks for schools, and sponsored scholarships as part of the Barging Route Waterways agreement in the Kikori delta area.

providing school supplies, desks and programs throughout the PNG project area

While providing material resources, we have also focused on improving learning. The ExxonMobil Science Ambassador Program was launched to improve students’ understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through interactive workshops conducted by company staff. We also held the Kastom Stori–Sene Gori competition to record local customs and traditions by encouraging inter-generational dialogue with students. The stories and drawings captured as part of this competition have been published into a book titled, "Kastom Stori-Sene Gori".

Teaching isn’t easy. We are trying to build the future generations to carry PNG forward, and support from the PNG LNG Project is helping us do that.

Ian Ipiso, Tira'abu Primary School Headmaster, Southern Highlands

7 million Kina (U.S. $3.2 million) committed for education infrastructure

Almost 6 million Kina (U.S. $2.7 million) spent on learning materials, education scholarships, teacher capacity building and governance activities

47 school libraries developed and supported across the Project area

3 major school support programs focused on literacy and library development at 47 schools, including the provision of books and support for libraries

16,000 copies of the Toea children’s book series distributed to more than 1,500 students

27 training support projects, including scholarships, teacher training, business training and human resource development