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Papua New Guinea empowering women programs

Empowering women

Women have an important role in building their communities and the nation. We are empowering women in Papua New Guinea to actively participate in their own development.

Training programs have ranged from personal viability, business management, food preparation and nutrition training, and women across the Project area are rapidly launching their own community development initiatives. By focusing on local community infrastructure for women, such as community halls, markets and nurseries, they are better able to engage in economic activities to advance their communities.

The Project also partners with major institutions to contribute to national initiatives. We have supported the World Bank to implement youth employment and women’s self-reliance programs, as well as contributed to the Business and Professional Women’s Club to help financially disadvantaged girls and women attend tertiary institutions and colleges. We participated in the PNG Country Gender Assessment that aimed to better understand the gender-related boundaries impacting economic development throughout the country, working alongside the Department for Community Development, World Bank, United Nations, National Council of Women, AusAID, Oxfam and the PNG Chamber of Mines and Petroleum.

Women have such strength. They’ve engaged in projects, increased incomes, changed mindsets, and helped build their communities. The PNG LNG Project has helped women find their voice.

Sarah Kende, Project Community Development Support Officer

649 women have received personal viability training focused on business basics, budgeting and financial management

Almost 500 women have received technical training to take on roles in construction, production and operations

More than 500 women have received small business training through the Enterprise Centre

220 women trained under the World Bank Self-Reliance Program for Women in Petroleum Projects

Global Women in Management

Since 2006, ExxonMobil has supported 49 Papua New Guinean women to attend training under the Global Women in Management (GWIM) program. The GWIM program strengthens women’s management, leadership and technical skills to enhance and bring to scale programs that advance women’s economic opportunities and build the next generation of women business leaders and entrepreneurs. The women have attended programs in Indonesia and the United States, and have returned to their home communities, making positive contributions in a multitude of ways. “After GWIM, my whole perspective to development changed,” explains Cathy Alex, GWIM participant in 2012. “I realized we needed to be more innovative in our approach. The training broadened my mind to see the goals and objectives within our own program, to implement them smartly, and to measure the impacts.”

In 2014, the first-ever Global Women in Management program was held in Papua New Guinea, bringing together women from across the country.