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Developing communities

We have invested more than K12 million (U.S. $5.4 million) in a wide variety of long-term projects throughout the Project area.

Focused on social resilience, economic development and community capacity building, the Project has used key principles of sustainable development, enabling local people to engage proactively in developing income-generating activities, meeting the needs of the local communities while preserving resources for future generations.

investing in the PNG communities

In addition, we have an overall goal to minimize or avoid resettlement, but where unavoidable, we have incorporated these sustainability principles into the resettlement process to ensure that livelihoods and standards of living are, at a minimum, restored. With the Environmental Law Centre acting as an independent advisor to local communities for this process, the 626 resettled households have received accurate and relevant information regarding compensation assistance packages. Monitoring and evaluation of the resettled households has been a critical component, ensuring that the process to restoring livelihoods has been a success.

K580 million (U.S. $261 million) invested in large infrastructure projects across the country

K15 million (U.S. $6.8 million) invested in community-based and civic projects across the Project area

52 small community infrastructure projects such as road repairs, creating footpaths, replacing community bridges and building training centers

1,300 people trained through 33 Personal Viability Training sessions