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Upstream Nigeria's early career geoscientists present technical posts to visiting ExxonMobil Vice President

Three UN Early Career Geoscientists (ECGs) presented technical posters to Pam Darwin, vice president, Africa region, ExxonMobil Exploration Company during her recent visit to Lagos. Each technical poster contained a summary of the presenters' first year work accomplishments. The presenters were Adedoyinsola Omotoye, Ademola Olatunbosun and Chibugo Nwoke (2014 hires).

“Where are the victims?” Pam joked as she came into the presentation room. All visible traces of anxiety on the faces of the ECG dissipated as she engaged them in warm pleasantries.

“I was so nervous and had several rehearsals (even in my dreams) just to be sure I was ready”, said Adedoyinsola. “I felt so tense until I introduced myself and saw how warm and welcoming she was”.

geoscience poster presentation

Similarly, Ademola said, “I had this burst of anxiety and suddenly felt the pressure of presenting my work to a Vice President. But I was relieved to always see a smile on her face…gradually, my confidence increased, and it felt like I was speaking with a team member.”

Pam listened intently as each new hire went through a summary of their first year work accomplishments, asking questions for clarity along the way. The presenters demonstrated good grasp of their technical / business objectives and accomplishments. The poster presentations were well received by Pam Darwin who commended the confidence and technical depth demonstrated by the presenters.

She also commended their understanding of the business impact of their work. She expressed her admiration of the quality and quantity of work they achieved in one year. She viewed their work as being an ideal representation of what early career geoscience rotation programs should be, and encouraged them not to lose focus of the business aspects of their work while developing competencies in exploration, development and production geoscience skills.

UN Geoscience has a structured program for its new hires that runs through six milestones within a one year period. The program ensures that new hires learn and demonstrate proficiency in exploration and production geoscience skills while contributing to MPN's business objectives. 

All three ECGs successfully completed their new hire programs with distinction.

geoscience poster presentation