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One team, one job vox pop

Employee Forum with Jack Williams, senior vice president, Exxon Mobil Corporation

  • Nina Bassey, geoscientist, Mobil Producing Nigeria

    "With the current state of the industry, our unified focus and effort becomes more important. The interaction with the SVP was a good reminder that we all have only one job; which is the extraction of hydrocarbons safely and profitably."

  • Mohammed Oyibo, statutory and corporate reporting analyst, Upstream Controllers, Mobil Producing Nigeria

    “It is our duty to protect the asset that we derive economic benefits from and as such, we must work as a team putting in the efforts required to ensure this protection. The engagement with the SVP confirmed that my team's effort to eliminate systemic leakages and non- value adding tasks to maximize profitability is in tandem with the company drive. We would continue to improve in all we do to return the company to its previous profitable position thereby benefiting both the shareholders and the company's employees."

  • Adeniyi Erinle, procurement advisor, Mobil Producing Nigeria

    "The current business environment presents us with interesting business scenarios; and the foundation of our success hinges on consistent and disciplined approach to tackling the challenges in our industry and the larger economy. Accordingly, SVP's comments are instructive and captures the core of the happenings and company-wide plans to navigate the tide by eliminating discretionary spend, cash preservation, using common resources interchangeably, challenging the norm and seeking synergies key to achieving our competitive advantage in the current market environment. In Procurement, we are completely focused on aligning our strategic objectives and key priorities with those of our business clients across the entire PTP value chain.”

  • Nwadighoha, traffic coordinator, Mobil Producing Nigeria

    "The visit of Jack Williams, senior vice president, was very timely, considering the level of uncertainties resting in the minds of most people prior to his visit. This is particularly due to the challenges arising from the low price environment. Jack's presentation was quite educative. I was particularly happy that he reaffirmed the strategic importance of the country's business to the overall ExxonMobil business. I was motivated by his speech. I and my team will continue to uphold Upstream Nigeria's drive of 'One Team, One Job' as we strive to make it count for safety and profit.”

  • Risi Onwude, asset development planner, Nigeria Development Planning, Mobil Producing Nigeria

    “The presentation of the SVP at the employee forum was enlightening. While I had some idea of the global state of ExxonMobil's business, it was good to know that there is a strong alignment between the Corporation's and Upstream Nigeria's strategy. It was also refreshing to see that the Nigeria portfolio remains an essential component of ExxonMobil global portfolio. Over the past 18 months, the Nigeria Development Planning team working with other Technical Functions have applied a fit-for-purpose approach to maximizing profitability of a number of opportunities. Leading right concept application to deliver significant cost reduction for Satellite Fields Phase 2 and coordinating an integrated oil and gas study to enable Owowo Deepwater development utilizing available Usan FPSO ullage are examples of such fit-for-purpose approach. We are truly One Team; our One Job campaign drive is prioritizing safety / security of our employees / asset and managing cost to improve profitability."

  • Chikodili Spencer-Obiano, planning and operations advisor, GREF, Mobil Producing Nigeria

    “The views communicated by the SVP aligns with our focus of optimising the things we can control, within our sphere of influence, to maximise productivity while ensuring personal and team safety. As a team, we are focused on safety and waste elimination/minikit across all areas of our operations, no matter how big or small. Working as a team, we pay close attention to each team members' contributions recognising that individual team roles are critical to the success of the entire team."