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NPO wins again and extends safety award to contractors

The Nigeria Projects Organization (NPO), for the second year in a row, won the 2016 President's Safety, Security, Health and Environment (SSH&E) Award.

The Presidents 2016 Safety Security Health and Environment Award
Photo — The President's 2016 Safety, Security, Health and Environment (SSH&E) Award.

NPO was recognized for demonstrating remarkable leadership and dedication in achieving SSH&E excellence. NPO's selection was based on its outstanding SSH&E leadership and commitment, and efforts to create a culture of caring with employees and contractors. Some of these efforts which are workforce involvement, engagement programs and safety initiatives, such as “Good to Go”, tiered contractor partnership programs, all driven from an integrated organization approach across multiple sites in a very challenging environment.

An example is the robust application of Good to Go and barrier checks resulting in the accomplishment of 833 dives without an incident to restore the 36'' and 42'' JV Pipelines. These programs are critical in achieving ExxonMobil's vision of "Nobody Gets Hurt".

The Nigeria Projects Organization (NPO) held its annual Contractor Safety Forum on June 14, 2017 in Lagos with 25 of its active/strategic contractor organizations in attendance; represented by their executive leadership/management. The forum agenda included contractor presentations, and interactive sessions on Worker Choices, Driving Safety Collaboration and Medical Fitness for Work. NPO leadership seized the opportunity to present 2016 NPO awards to 4 Contractors in two safety award categories: 1. Excellence in Application of SHE Tools / Processes went to - DeltaAfrik Engineering Nigeria Limited, Project Masters Nigeria Limited & Hopic Nigeria Limited, and 2. Best Safety Performance went to - African Diving Services.

The forum further provided a platform for NPO to engage Contractors, sharing learnings and best practices strengthening the safety partnership approach.