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ExxonMobil wins West Africa’s Best Company in CSR, Sustainability

ExxonMobil affiliate companies in Nigeria have been recognized as the Best Company in CSR/Sustainability in West Africa by the Social Enterprise Reports and Awards (SERAs) for making significant contributions to the socio-economic development of Nigeria. This award is based on the company's Erha North Phase 2 Community Assisted Projects (CAPs) cumulative impact and reach in 2016.

The CAPs, which included the establishment of science libraries, solar boreholes and virtual laboratories in various states of Nigeria were nominated in nine different categories. Best Company in Climate Action, Best Company in Education, Best Company in Stakeholder Engagement, Best Company in CSR/Sustainability West Africa, Best Company in Provision of Clean Water & Sanitation, Best Company in Affordable & Clean Energy, Best Company in Infrastructural Development, Best Socially Responsible Company, and Best Company in Partnership for Development.

The projects submitted for consideration were unique because they targeted specific areas of development. Some of the projects include the provision of E-learning centers, that equip pupils with the foundations of modern information technology and enhance their ability to compete effectively in today's IT driven world and the Back to School program, which provides children in primary schools with essential school items.

Others include provision of science libraries that will improve student's interest and enhance their performance in STEM related subjects, solar powered boreholes that have allowed underground water in Africa to become a major source for drinking water and irrigation thus providing a reliable, sustainable and readily available water supply.

The nominations and the award received reaffirm MPN's concerted efforts, in ensuring economic empowerment and local capacity development in the areas of education, sanitation across several states in Nigeria.