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ExxonMobil employees charged on safety and profitability

ExxonMobil affiliates in Nigeria as part of its 2016 Safety and Profitability campaign, “One Team, One Job” recently held its employee town hall forum at both Lagos and Eket office locations to discuss the current state of business, and how it affects the company’s business.

Leading the discussion at the Lagos leg of the forum, the Lead Country Manager and Chief Executive Officer, ExxonMobil affiliates, Nigeria, Nolan O'Neal noted that the recent performance indicators and outlook of things globally have given the company a compelling case for change in a bid to survive as a business.

Nolan pointed out that, "There has been shortfall in JV budget / cash call. We have had a sustained all-time low crude oil price coupled with a declining production number over the last ten years."

"The escalating value of NNPC receivables, PSC lifting disputes, timing of JV drilling restart, limited efficiency gains and inability of JV partner to meet up its part of the business commitment have created a burden on sustainability of the business model in the current low price environment," he explained.

Photo — Nolan O'Neal, Lead Country Manager and Chief Executive Officer, ExxonMobil affiliates, Nigeria

He mentioned that there is glimmer of hope with the ongoing engagements and negotiations with the Ministry of Petroleum Resources / NNPC to resolve ongoing cash call and other myriads of industry issues and challenges, which would bring about desired positive changes that will make the affiliates business thrive.

In his remark, the Executive Director, Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited, Udom Inoyo urged the employees to come together and come up with innovative ways to navigate the current business downtime. "Let's focus on what we do best, safely and profitability, as we continue to maintain an unrelenting focus on prevailing business challenges," he said.