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EEPNL recognized as the Best Emergency Response Team

Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (EEPNL), an ExxonMobil affiliates in Nigeria, Deepwater Emergency Response Team has been recognized by Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) as Best Emergency Response Team in the industry for its concerted efforts on the EEPNL 2016 Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP) activation exercise.

In his remark, Orlando Olanrewaju, deepwater assets engineer, Operations Technical Surface (OTS), (MPN) explained that, "the OSCP is an organized and predetermined course of actions to be pursued in the event of a spill. This plan is approved by the DPR for subsequent implementation by operators."

According to Olarenwaju, "On an annual basis, DPR reviews OSCPs, and an activation of the plan by the Operator is required by DPR. This is to ensure that any operator or owner of a facility has in its employment, personnel that are regularly trained and dedicated to environmental planning, protection and control.”

The team between October 10 and 15, 2016 activated the EEPNL Oil Spill Response and Contingency Plan which the DPR declared as, "one of the best emergency response exercise from a team so far."

DPR commended the exceptional coordination and calmness shown by the team while under pressure highlighting that, "the company level of compliance to the exercise has improved over the years indicating a serious commitment to HSE environment."

DPR noted that, "there is optimism and confidence that ExxonMobil as company is working towards 100 percent self-regulation; a level desired by the Department."