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Sunday, March 9, 2014  

Update 9 March: Response to fuel leak at Lyttelton Terminal

On site response

Our response teams have been working around the clock to pump out the jet fuel captured in the concrete walled containment area around the tank. We estimate that we have pumped out around 85 percent of the fuel in the containment area into another tank on site.

We have made very good progress to date. The rate at which we can pump out the remaining fuel will become slower as the layer of jet fuel within the containment area becomes thinner.

We are working as quickly as possible to pump out the residual fuel from within the containment area. Our focus remains on ensuring we work safely.

Marine response

Additional containment measures which were placed in the drains and at the drain entry point into the harbour have been successful in preventing any further release of fuel into the harbour.

We are continuing to monitor the situation closely. Our priority continues to be preventing any further release of fuel off site.


Managing the response to the tank damage caused by the storm and resultant landslide has required considerable resources. Mobil would like to thank the many people from the emergency services and authorities for their support throughout this incident.

We apologise that our clean-up operations are adding to the disruption caused by the storm. We would also like to assure our neighbours that we are developing actions to minimise odours as we continue our clean-up operations after the storm.

Further information is available during business hours (including over the weekend) from Mobil’s community hotline on 0800 777 979.


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