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Wednesday, March 19, 2014  

Fuel transfer underway at Mobil Lyttelton Terminal

Mobil is continuing to address impacts of damage to its Lyttelton Terminal following the storm and subsequent landslide on 5 March 2014.

Mobil Oil New Zealand Lead Country Manager Andrew McNaught said that Mobil’s current focus is on safely removing unleaded petrol from a second tank damaged in the storm.

“Following a detailed planning process, we have commenced the important step of transferring fuel from the unleaded petrol tank that was damaged by the landslide to another tank on site.

“Our focus is on completing this transfer safely and minimising the potential for further impacts to the environment or community.

“We have determined that the safest way to transfer the fuel from the damaged tank is to do it slowly, and we expect that this process will take several weeks to complete,” said Mr McNaught.

Mobil continues to monitor the damaged tank closely with remote tank gauging and offsite level surveying and there has not been any movement or loss of product detected.

An investigation is underway into the wider impacts of the storm, landslide and subsequent fuel leak. It will be some time before we have a full assessment on the damage to tanks, bunding and other infrastructure.

For more information visit or call Mobil’s community hotline during business hours on 0800 777 979.


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