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Corporate citizenship

ExxonMobil Hong Kong Limited (EMHK) is dedicated to creating positive change for Hong Kong community while offering quality fuel and petrochemical products and services. Since 2006, EMHK has been named a “Caring Company” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in recognition of our enduring efforts and commitment to corporate citizenship.

We work closely with local NGOs and community groups to devise programs that will have a meaningful impact on the community. We actively support and participate in local community activities, particularly in the areas of safety and health, environmental protection, and youth development.

Promoting safety and health

We not only put strong emphasis on safety and health at our workplace, but also actively promote this core value to the wider public. We:

  • Heighten road safety awareness among road users in partnership with local government and community groups;
  • Promote healthy lifestyles in the community by sponsoring health walkathons and subscribing to the “Safety and Health Charter” established by a local community group; 
  • Support anti-drug programs to strengthen young people's resistance to the lure of drugs;
  • Participate in voluntary services that promote welfare and community well-being.

Protecting the environment

Careful management of our environmental performance, through a focus on operational excellence, is an imperative for our business. We support and engage in various initiatives that promote energy efficiency and environmental care in the community through:

  • Participation in environmental and fundraising programs organized by environmental NGOs;
  • Support and sponsorship for local think tanks, research institutions and other NGOs to conduct research on environmental policy and energy related topics; and
  • Collaboration with local schools and universities to promote energy and environmental studies with scholarships and education programs.

Fostering youth development

We contribute to capacity building of young people through programs that help them develop personal values, unleash potential, and pursue aspirations. Major initiatives in recent years include:

  • “Business Ethics” Program organized by Junior Achievement Hong Kong, with support of EMHK, to help young people expand their exposure to ethical decision making and develop their personal ethical values;
  • Job shadowing and visit programs to provide secondary and tertiary students with learning-by-doing training;
  • Leadership seminars and career workshops for secondary and tertiary students organized by EMHK in collaboration with NGOs and education institutions; and 
  • Hong Kong Arts Festival, which, with support of EMHK, provides performing opportunities to local, up-and-coming artists and a platform for new works.