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Diverse group of workers at manufacturing plant

Human resources

Professionals interested in working with us can upload their resume and keep it updated. All that is needed is to look at the possible areas of operation within the company and create an account.

Upload your Resume

If you are interested in interacting with international clients in a globalized environment, being part of the team at the largest private oil company in the world, and you are proactive, organized, and have good communication skills, please click here to upload your resume. Most positions require fluent English, Spanish and possibly French, German and Italian.

Internship Program

Annually, between the months of July and December, ExxonMobil offers a selection process for its Internship Program for technical and university students. Those selected take part in an internship in the company for a period of one to two years. ExxonMobil offers dozens of internship positions in areas such as Engineering, Management, Economics, Accounting, IT and others, opening the door to the labor market for young talent.

In general, our registration process begins in July with completion in August, the registration form is available on our website - this is the only way to enroll.

The pre-selection process assesses the candidate's grades and characteristics, such as their expected graduation date (we look for interns who are one or two years away from graduating). In the next stage, the candidate takes a test on general knowledge, logical reasoning, and an English and Spanish test (optional). The successful candidates will participate in a group interview and, finally, will take part in a personal interview. It is possible to be eliminated at any stage.

Selection Process

Anyone interested should be familiar with the selection process for Rio and Curitiba, as shown in the table below. For other geographical areas, we remind you the process will be conducted by the management of each city, which may or may not follow the schedule below.


Registration - during the months of July and August

  1. Tests (Language, Logical Reasoning and General Knowledge) - online
  2. Group Dynamics - during the month of August
  3. Interviews - during the month of September
  4. Assessment of the final result / Admissions Process - during the months of November and December
  5. Start of Internship / Integration Program - during the month of January

Admission and Integration Program

Finally, the successful candidates undergo a medical examination, which is a requirement for starting at the Company. If the student is selected for the job, he received a job offer after completing the admission process. Once the admissions process has come to an end, the student – now the trainee – takes part in the Integration Program, which is normally conducted over three consecutive days. During this period, the trainee will attend lectures given by ExxonMobil Directors and Managers in order to introduce the former to the Company's structure and operating methodology and to their new colleagues, interns of the same group.

The Internship

The trainee will be assigned activities – under the supervision of a superior – that are in line with their training and experience, thus enabling constant support and assessment of their development. Regardless of the sector where the trainee is operating, their activities will always consist of tasks that add real value to their education, and effectively integrate the student into the Company's processes, giving them the opportunity to truly contribute to the results achieved.

According to the extent of their projects and the period of their internship contract, the student may work in more than one division in an ExxonMobil department, or even in more than one department. In this way, we allow the trainee to have a comprehensive vision of the Company's processes, which may be the start of their career in ExxonMobil. Thus, they will learn the philosophy that has made us so successful: before we are engineers, managers, accountants, systems analysts, chemists or any other training, we are professionals with potential, talent and our own abilities, and, therefore, we should be able to collaborate on more than one specific business segment.

At the end of the Internship Program, the student may be invited to remain on the Company's staff, as an employee, to work in one of the sectors where they have contributed during the internship period, or in any other area of the Company.

Workload and Benefits

Finally, the internship activities are carried out in a weekly workload of 20 flexible hours. During the internship period, the student receives a stipend of competitive value relative to the market, and will receive transportation assistance in cash. In addition, ExxonMobil maintains a personal injury, death or permanent disability insurance policy for all trainees under this program during the validity of the contract.

Talent Bench

If it is not possible to benefit from the trainee talents right away, their information, along with all information relating to their assessment during the Internship Program, will be entered in the “Talent Bank”, a set of records available to all sectors of ExxonMobil that is referred to whenever a new hire is necessary.

Opportunities for People with Disabilities

We offer several opportunities for people with disabilities. If you have any special needs, report it when filling in your registration.

Recruitment Fraud

ExxonMobil and its affiliates do not use recruiting companies that charge advance fees of any kind (e.g. placement fees, immigration processing fees, etc.). Unfortunately, we are aware that there are unauthorized people using the name and logo of ExxonMobil in emails and on websites trying to charge advanced fees from job seekers.

Periodically, ExxonMobil and its affiliates do use recruiting agencies to identify potential candidates for specific positions. If you are contacted by a recruiting or employment agency, you should not incur any cost as a candidate.