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Polymers licensing

ExxonMobil polymer technologies are based on experience in developing products and processes for low density polyethylene (LDPE) since 1965.

Our technologies provide licensees with flexible processes, yielding a broad product portfolio from general purpose to specialty LDPE/EVA. All process designs incorporate the company’s most recent commercial technology with a focus on operating cost and reliability. They meet world-class environmental and safety standards and are often capable of future low-cost debottlenecks.

ExxonMobil is committed to ensuring licensee access to new developments through continued research and development at research centers in Baytown, Texas and Machelen, Belgium.

As one of the largest segments of the worldwide plastics market, demand for High Pressure LDPE continues to grow. ExxonMobil Polymers Technology Licensing program can help you take advantage of that trend. Learn more about:

Licensing from ExxonMobil

 As a worldwide leader in high-pressure polyethylene technologies, ExxonMobil offers:

  • a focus on design safety and flexibility
  • economies of scale via high-capacity designs
  • extensive process, product and applications training
  • proven expansion and debottleneck capability
  • capability to tailor product grade slates
  • access to future product and process development
  • access to world-scale technical centers