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Polymers licensing process

Whether a customer is building a new plant or improving an existing facility, ExxonMobil is committed to providing priority support to its licensees throughout the design, construction, start-up and operations phases of the project. The experience of all ExxonMobil sites and other licensees is available to ensure excellent technical support for efficient project execution.

Design documentation

  • Process design package
  • Technology manual
  • ExxonMobil technology-specific design standards, drawings and best practices
  • Operating manuals and guidelines
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning guidelines

Engineering and construction technical support

  • Multi-channel access to ExxonMobil experts in high-pressure PE mechanical, process and process control  
  • Manufacturing site visits
  • Participation in design reviews
  • Access to ExxonMobil’s experts and lab facilities in LDPE products and applications
  • Licensee support at key equipment vendors for technical clarification, scope definition and progress monitoring by ExxonMobil experts
  • Optional annual technical exchange meetings after start-up, enabling licensees to receive the latest developments achieved through ExxonMobil global technical networks and by other licensees


 ExxonMobil provides your staff with extensive training on plant design basics and ExxonMobil procedures to operate and maintain. Training is conducted at both licensee and ExxonMobil facilities and includes:

  • technology transfer seminar   
  • extensive hands-on maintenance training specific to each process
  • extensive operations and process engineering training
  • process control applications and models training
  • product and product applications training
  • laboratory test methods training
  • quality assurance management training
  • on-site training during commissioning, start-up and initial operation

Commissioning and start-up

 On request, ExxonMobil will provide a team to assist in commissioning, start-up and warranty operations.

  • Final pre-startup safety review and P&ID review
  • Start-up team consisting of experienced technical and operations personnel from ExxonMobil manufacturing locations. By advising your personnel, their expertise will help you achieve an efficient plant start-up.
  • Laboratory calibration standards
  • Assistance in development and review of start-up and operating procedures

Working with ExxonMobil will help licensees to meet their safety, low-cost process capability and mechanical integrity requirements while delivering superior product quality.