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LDPE autoclave

ExxonMobil is an industry expert in high-pressure autoclave technology. The company has demonstrated its leadership by: 

  • developing large, high-pressure technology including a 140+ kta autoclave reactor for extrusion coating products and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) grades
  • developing unique operating and mechanical knowledge, including application of the successful concept of no-turnaround maintenance

 Our high-pressure autoclave technology delivers access to:

  • homopolymer LDPE ranging from 0.910 to 0.935 density
  • EVA up to 35% vinyl acetate
  • high-clarity grades
  • retrofitting existing lines for broader product capability and improved reliability
  • proprietary capacity expansion technology applicable to essentially all LDPE autoclave processes

Important features of ExxonMobil's high-pressure autoclave technology include:

  • industry-leading low reactor decomposition frequency
  • proven reactor technology with optimized stirrer design
  • products with low gel levels
  • densities higher than 0.927 g/cc

Eleven autoclave lines operated by ExxonMobil and/or using ExxonMobil technology capable of producing more than 500 kta are located in:

  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA (multiple)
  • Antwerp, Belgium (multiple)
  • Mizushima, Japan
  • Daesan, Korea (multiple)
  • Rayong, Thailand