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About us

We offer a broad portfolio of refining technologies for fuels and lubricants production to achieve our customers’ safety, reliability and margin improvement goals.

Fuel products

We are a leading provider of fuel refining technologies that meet customer needs for high quality transportation fuels.

Lubes products

ExxonMobil is the leading provider of advanced lubes manufacturing technologies for the 21st century that meet and exceed customer expectations for quality and profitability.

Flexicoking™ - Catalysts and Licensing

Resid conversion

FLEXICOKING™ the cost-effective coking technology, without the coke.

Gas treating

FLEXSORB™ is an ExxonMobil developed and commercialized suite of gas treating technologies and absorbents.

Synthetic fuels

Methanol to gasoline technology (MTG) converts methanol to sulphur-freegasoline, including first commercialCTL application.

ExxonMobil Catalyst Technologies LLC

We provide the catalyst and our licensing partners provide the license and process technology leading to a range of services such as capital project engineering, startup support, troubleshooting and process control.

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Events, publications and presentations

Through technical conferences and other public speaking opportunities, ExxonMobil communicates general information about the technologies we offer for licensing.