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Employee support

To support employees, the company is working to locate hotel rooms for impacted personnel and helping provide resources for home cleanup and recovery.

Health and counseling services are also being provided to those employees who wish to take advantage of these programs.

ExxonMobil’s disaster assistance zero-interest loan program is available for employees living in Texas counties designated as federal disasters who incurred damage to personal property due to the storm. 

Various hotlines providing updated information are available to employees across different geographical locations, and the company has activated its automated employee tracking system to help ensure their safety and wellbeing. 

Non-essential staff have been encouraged to remain at home to avoid potentially dangerous road conditions, and all employees have been asked to maintain consistent communication with supervisors regarding their status, safety and any additional weather-related challenges they may be experiencing. 

ExxonMobil is advising employees in impacted areas to stay tuned to news and government updates, as well as travel advisories to receive the most current information.

For more information, visit ExxonMobil Family.