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Rotterdam hydrocracker expansion

ExxonMobil will expand the hydrocracker unit at its Rotterdam refinery to upgrade heavier byproducts into cleaner, higher-value products, including base stocks and ultralow sulfur diesel, to meet growing global market demand.

Construction on the project is scheduled to begin next year, with unit startup anticipated in 2018.

“This investment demonstrates ExxonMobil’s long-term view and disciplined investment approach,” says Jerry Wascom, president of ExxonMobil Refining
and Supply Company.

The base stocks to be produced at Rotterdam are a part of ExxonMobil’s EHC product line, and are designed to help lubricant blenders achieve greater formulation flexibility and simplify global qualification testing. They also enable customers to cost-effectively blend a range of lubricants to meet evolving industry requirements.

The refinery, operated by Esso Nederland BV, is one of the most energy-efficient in Europe, and plays a key role in the region and the marketplace as a manufacturer of low-sulfur petroleum products and chemical feedstocks.

Rotterdam hydrocracker