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In 2015, in addition to our core commitment to environmental protection and stewardship in our operations, our environmental contributions totaled $4.2 million, of which more than $1.8 million supports programs and communities outside the United States. Our investments focus on several critical areas, including: conservation in a range of ecosystems; environmental education and outreach; and scientific research of environmental issues of global importance.

We collaborate with the Wildlife Habitat Council to develop programs through its Corporate Lands for Learning (CLL) program, which helps us promote environmental and biodiversity awareness in our workforce and local communities. Currently, we have five programs certified by CLL at or near our facilities, including at our Billings (Montana) Refinery, Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Complex, Clinton (New Jersey) Research Facility, Fife (UK) Ethylene Plant and Lentol Gardens in Brooklyn, New York.

We fund the Bayou Land Conservancy, which works to protect land in and around the Spring Creek Greenway – the longest, urban forested greenway corridor in the U.S. This greenway is adjacent to our new North Houston Campus, which features 195 acres of wildlife habitat.

In Equatorial Guinea, we support the Bioko Biodiversity Protection Program’s efforts to protect rare species of monkeys and nesting sea turtles on Bioko Island. In Angola, ExxonMobil and the Block 15 Consortium support efforts to protect the critically endangered Angolan Giant Sable Black Antelope – the Angolan national symbol.