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Initiative for Military Families

The National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) launched the Initiative for Military Families (IMF) in 2010 to ensure that students from military families have access to high-quality, college-level math and science instruction wherever their families are based.

Almost two million young people in America have a parent serving in the military today. More than 220,000 of those young people had someone deployed overseas in 2011. Separation from loved ones, concerns about safety and frequent transfers can be particularly hard on the military children, so continuity in any aspect of their lives, such as education, is essential.

NMSI initially replicated its highly successful Advanced Placement Training and Incentive Program™ (APTIP) and is now in 15 states.  Currently, approximately 30 high schools are implementing IMF, with commitments in place to boost the number to more than 50 high schools next year.  The goal is to have a consistent, advanced curriculum available to students wherever and whenever they are required to relocate.

The program has already seen success:  IMF has resulted in dramatic increases in enrollment in AP math, science and English classes, and participating schools in the first year recorded a 45 percent increase in passing AP exam scores – nearly six times the national average.