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ExxonMobil Malaria Initiative

Malaria is preventable, treatable and curable. Thanks to better awareness, prevention and treatment tools, global malaria mortality rates have dropped by nearly 45 percent since 2000.

In Africa, malaria kills hundreds of thousands of people each year, most of them children under five. And it robs the continent of billions of dollars in lost productivity, annually. As a major employer and investor in Africa, ExxonMobil has witnessed the devastation of malaria. We’ve seen its impact on the lives of employees, their families and their communities. That’s why we are part of an international effort to prevent, treat and cure deadly disease.

ExxonMobil has partnered with the world’s leading organizations that work on the front-lines in the fight against malaria. Together, we are collaborating on four fronts.

Using vital information about prevention and treatment to help vulnerable communities and inform policies.

Providing families with the tools to prevent malaria, including insecticide-treated bed nets and malaria prophylaxis for pregnant women.

Distributing rapid diagnostic kits, so malaria infection can be detected early and treated quickly.

Supporting the work of medical researchers who are developing new antimalarial drugs and vaccines.

malaria infographic

This featured infographic above is available for download.