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Employees in Angola receive on-the-job training. ExxonMobil supports education and training initiatives aimed at increasing the number of local workers at our facilities and offices.

Our approach

We support the economic growth and development of communities where we do business, primarily through hiring, training and utilizing local workers and suppliers.

Wherever we operate, we provide and spread the direct and indirect economic benefits of a competitive oil and gas sector by creating new jobs, developing a technically skilled workforce, strengthening business practices, purchasing goods and services, and creating investment opportunities. By collaborating with NGOs, other companies and governments, we are also able to help achieve community development goals. Access to energy underpins many of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, for example.

Building and sustaining local economic growth, while also improving social conditions, is at the core of our approach to local content development. We specifically focus on training and educating a local workforce, developing local vendors who can provide goods and services to our business, and improving the livelihoods of community members through strategic community investments.

Our National Content Guidelines, Strategies and Best Practices contain the key elements of our local content strategy and plan, provide models and tools for the successful development of local capacity, and detail roles and responsibilities at the corporate, country, and project and operations levels. Because we work in a variety of countries and communities, each with different challenges and opportunities, we tailor our local content approach for each location based on specific needs. We base our strategy on local factors such as the development goals outlined by the government, stakeholder expectations, the regulatory environment, the existence and quality of infrastructure, the business environment and social capacity.