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Key sustainability issues and challenges

by Ken P Cohen

Our stakeholders are increasingly interested in how we are addressing sustainability challenges in our operations. Ken Cohen, ExxonMobil’s vice president of public and government affairs, answers some of the most frequently asked stakeholder questions.

Engaging with our stakeholders

Our stakeholders include governments, shareholders, suppliers, customers, employees, communities, NGOs, and academic institutions.

Businesspeople Holding Up a Globe

Incorporating stakeholder feedback

We spoke with a variety of stakeholders – including representatives from NGOs, academia, investors, industry experts and employees – about our 2013 Corporate Citizenship Report. We have identified several recurring comments from stakeholders and show where we have incorporated changes within this report.


A key step in developing this Corporate Citizenship Report is ensuring the content reflects ExxonMobil’s most material issues.


Contributing to progress

ExxonMobil plays a role in providing the energy crucial for continued economic prosperity and human progress.