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A Letter from the CEO

Rex W Tillerson

Rex Tillerson Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to the 2013 Corporate Citizenship Report. This report is an opportunity to reaffirm the commitments we make to our shareholders, employees, customers and communities regarding our corporate citizenship performance.

We strive to be responsible corporate citizens, and our success along that path is underpinned by our technological expertise, operational excellence, safety performance and unwavering ethical standards.

Modern society consumes energy on a much wider and more complex scale than ever before. Over the coming decades, the world’s population is projected to rise from 7 billion to nearly 9 billion, and the global economy will more than double. As energy needs evolve, ExxonMobil will continue investing in the research and technology necessary to find, develop and deliver energy resources to our customers in the most efficient way possible. Working together with our stakeholders, we can help shape the landscape of energy consumption in the future.

Economic Growth

Access to energy is crucial to economic prosperity and human progress. In developing countries, it is fundamental to reducing poverty, improving health, increasing productivity, enhancing competitiveness and promoting long-term economic growth. Improving access to reliable and affordable energy in order to sustain and improve standards of living is the biggest and most impactful contribution we make to local communities and economies. But, our responsibility to society does not end there.

Wherever we do business, we look to establish a skilled local workforce through aggressive recruitment and world-class training and development programs. We continued to make significant progress in hiring host country workers in 2013. For example, in Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Indonesia and Nigeria, we have established a national workforce that on average accounts for 83 percent of our workers. We also develop the capacity of and utilize local vendors to supply ExxonMobil with goods and services. Our goal is to help local communities and businesses fuel their economies and positively contribute to long-term economic growth for generations to come.

Commitment to Safety

At ExxonMobil, our Operations Integrity Management System establishes common expectations for addressing safety, security, health, environmental and social risks. Our goal that Nobody Gets Hurt is more than just three words; it is a core value that drives us to be a successful business, a responsible employer and a good neighbor. In 2013, ExxonMobil was honored with the Green Cross for Safety® medal. Established in 2000, the U.S. National Safety Council awards the medal to an organization that exhibits safety leadership at all levels, boasts an outstanding safety record and is committed to improving the quality of life in the communities where its employees work and live.

The commitment of our nearly 75,000 employees, as well as our third-party contractors, helped ExxonMobil continue to be among the industry leaders again in 2013. Compared with 2012, our workforce lost-time incident rate decreased by nearly 9 percent. Since the inclusion of XTO Energy in 2011, we have reduced our workforce lost-time incident rate by 45 percent. The unwavering dedication of every worker allows for continual improvement — a goal always at the forefront of our safety culture.

Environmental Performance

Careful management of our environmental performance, through a focus on operational excellence, is an essential responsibility for our business. Our Operations Integrity Management System helps us align our environmental priorities with our business objectives and allows us to find new areas of opportunity to reduce environmental incidents.

Spill prevention is a core component of ExxonMobil’s environmental performance. We continually seek to develop and improve risk management, operations integrity, spill prevention processes and containment capabilities, and, as a result, we had fewer spills in 2013 compared with 2012. As always, we welcome input from all of our stakeholders at

Rex W. Tillerson
Chairman and CEO